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Nurse Patrick Preston
31 March 2010 @ 02:02 am
6.21. These wounds won't seem to heal, this pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

My Immortal - Evanescence

Co-written with drcampbell

Patrick felt like he had been lying in this hospital room for years, not days. It was easy to loose track of time when there was nothing to do but lie there. He drew in a sharp breath, dropping his head back on the pillow as he blinked back tears that just seemed to keep trying to come. He let the breath out heavily again, trying to keep his composure as he turned his head on the pillow and watched his husband in the bed beside him. A twin ICU room, for those occasions where a married couple were both seriously ill. Patrick just found the notion morbid, even if he knew the Princeton Plainsboro ICU had a handful of rooms with more than one bed. He was grateful, though. At least he could now see Aiden with his own eyes, hear that monotonous beeping that was the assurance that his heart was at least still beating. The was too much space between them, though. Patrick couldn't touch him, hold his hand, kiss him. He could only just lie and watch, wait.

Aiden's complexion was still that horrible pale grey colour. Patrick remembered it in Lachlan after he was shot...Collapse )

Word Count | 2,598
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Nurse Patrick Preston
28.2.1. A problem shared is a problem halved

Co-written with cameronpreston
[Follows THIS, THIS and THIS]

Cameron was sitting as close to his twin's hospital bed as he could get. He had lost track of how long he had been sitting there for now, but he knew he would stay there as long as it took. He had no idea what had happened, but it really didn't matter. He just wanted Pat to be okay when he woke up. He had been medicated for some time now. There was one thing having people tell you to relax and it would all be okay, but it was entirely another to manage to do it. He was waking now, though, so Cameron wrapped his hands around one of Pat's, squeezing it softly. "Patto, it's Cam. Listen to me, buddy. It's going to be okay. Aiden's going to be okay..." he told him, trying to stay calm. He wanted Pat to have the information he needed straight away, even if he had to repeat it a hundred times. Pat was awake, his eyes were opening, but Cameron had no idea how he would react or if he was cognitive enough to comprehend the words. It could go either way. But when all Pat did was start to cry, Cameron wished to God it didn't have to be that reaction, because it felt like his heart was crushing and that helpless, aching feeling started to set in with a vengeance.

He tried to shift closer, but being stuck in a wheelchair with a fucked knee, it was impossible...Collapse )

Word Count | 1,647
Current Mood: crushedcrushed
Nurse Patrick Preston
27.1.6. "Remember that you are needed. There is at least one important work to be done that will not be done unless you do it." - Charles L. Allen

[Follows THIS]

As his consciousness slowly clawed it's way back, Patrick felt like he was trying to fight his way through a thick and hazy fog. There was a sharp pain in his head and a nauseating smell of chemicals assaulting his nose, but any awareness as to where he was failed him at first. He couldn't move, and the trapped sensation was overwhelming as he gradually managed to regain consciousness, opening his eyes and lifting his head a little. Pain. It wasn't just in his head. Something was very wrong, and he only realised what it was when he cracked his eyes open a little and discovered there really was a smokey haze around him. Steam, maybe... and the smell was fuel. Gradually he clawed hold of an awareness that he was in the car, and that was what was wrong. He didn't have a recollection of what had happened, only that through the dispersing haze, he could see Aiden, slumped over to the side, unmoving.

More...Collapse )

Word Count | 1,077
Current Location: Princeton, New Jersey
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Nurse Patrick Preston
28.5.3. A moment of heightened emotions

Co-written with mrpublicity
[Follows a few weeks after THIS]

Pat flexed and unflexed his hands around the steering wheel of his car and sighed as he he pulled up for the red light at a busy intersection. He wet his lips and glanced at Aiden sitting in the passenger's seat. "Are you serious? You want to do this now?" he asked calmly. "Right now? It can't wait until we get home?" He fought the urge to light up a cigarette, even if that was what his first reaction was. He did know sooner or later they would reach this point, but it was just something he wasn't sure he was ready to face yet.

“Home?” Aiden returned with a small snort and shake of his head...Collapse )

Word Count | 1,246
Current Location: Princeton, New Jersey
Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated